Accessorize3D is a Windows application which enables rapid virtual prototyping of fashion accessories: the button prototyping component is already available, and we are developing other components to model other accessories such as buckles, zipper pulls, plates, etc.
The most important advantage of Accessorize3D is: easy to use!
There is no need to be an expert of 3D drawing tools to create the virtual prototype!
Because of its simplicity, Accessorize3D allows the realization of a model in just a few minutes.
The model can be shared with the customer through a PDF file or through the web, using WebGL technology for the representation of 3D models.
Furthermore, the model can be exported to the machinery used for production, thereby reducing production times and avoiding errors.

Please let us know your needs, thoughts and share with us your ideas.

Thank you
The Accessorize3D Development Team

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